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Open Mind #19 
CANADA (Spring 2011 - Issue 2)

Table of Contents
Open for Business
Open Shop From Coast to Coast 
Freedom 55
Rectifying an Imbalance
Unleash the Potential
More Power
By the Numbers

Open Mind #19 
ALBERTA (Spring 2011 - Issue 1)

Table of Contents
Executive Editor's Column
Silver Memories
Open for Business
Freedom 55
After the Storm
Rectifying an Imbalance
Unleash the Potential
You're Hired!
More Power
Building a Better Alberta
By the Numbers

Open Mind #18 (Spring 2010)
Table of Contents 
Executive Editor's Column 
Finding the P3 Balance 
Want More Business? 
Building the Workforce 
Cash: The Lifeblood of Every Contractor 
The Labour Strategy That Worked 
Tendering Law 
More Than Their Due 
Get the Benefits 
We Can Work It Out 
The Last Word

Open Mind #17 (Spring 2009)
Table of Contents 
Executive Editor's Column 
Giving The Green Light 
Joining The Links 
Getting It Right 
Construction Melting Pot 
In Living Colour 
Redressing The Balance 
Playing Your Field 
Tender Type  

Open Mind #16 (Spring 2008)
Starting Off On The Right Foot 
Joining Forces 
Paying The Price 
Playing It Safe 
Creative Compensation 
The Trades Barrier 
Payment Interrupted 
Rules of the Trade 
Construction Boot Camp  

Open Mind #15 (Spring 2007)
Boom Towns 
The Bids That Bind 
On the Fast Track 
The Boot Camp Advantage 
Give Us Realistic Ratios 
Beyond Borders 
Tricks & Tools of the Trade 
Breaking the Mould 
The Straight Goods About Merit  

Open Mind #14 (Spring 2006)
The Oilsands Challenge 
Somewhere in Time 
The First 20 Years 
A Matter of Policy 
Diversity in the Workplace 
The Kids are All Right 
10 Ways to Reduce Construction Costs For Tender 
Tools of the Trade  

Open Mind #13 (Spring 2005)
Best Practices 
Cash and Capital 
Foreign Legion 
Future Work Force 
Getting Green 
Going the Distance 
Trading Sectors 
Tyranny of the Status Quo  

Open Mind #12 (Spring 2004)

A Matter of Safety 
The Seals of Approval 
The Crisis in Insurance 
Seven Categories of Innovation 
Black Gold Rush 
Caught in a Time Warp 
A Shakespearean Tale  

Open Mind #11 (Spring 2003)
Everybody's Business 
Post-Kyoto Thoughts from Inside 
The Problem with MERFing 
Why Open Shop Flourishes in Western Canada 
A Contractors Survival Guide 
The Hiring Games 
The Productivity Gap  

Open Mind #10 (Spring 2002)
The Apprenticeship Puzzle 
The Road to Recovery: WCB Modified Work Duties
Best Offer: Selling Your Business 
Building a Labour Relations Code for the 21st Century 
Hammering Away at Injustice: Quebec Supreme Court Decision 
Open Shop Project Profile: Williams Energy 
Industrial Projects and the Open Shop Advantage  

Open Mind #9 (Spring 2001)
E-Commerce and Construction 
Strategic Planning 
The Fairness Myth: Fair Wage Laws 
The Open Shop Construction Workforce 
Trade Up CD-ROM Promotes Construction Careers 
Industrial Construction: A look at Open Shop Construction Projects 

Open Mind #8 (Spring 2000)
Attracting and Retaining Workers for the Construction Industry 
Why Unions Lose Certification Votes 
Profiles of Open Shop Construction 
Measuring Productivity 
The Quebec Construction Travesty 
Improving the Construction Industry Image  

Open Mind #7 (Spring 1999)
Multiskilling: New Manpower Strategies for a New Millennium 
Diamond Mining: The Challenge of Building Canadas First Diamond Mine 
Canadian Labour Laws: Whose Interests are Being Served? 
Prime Contractor: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 
Labour Shortages 
The Precarious State of Craft Unions  

Open Mind #6 (Spring 1998)
Being the Best Employer 
Benefits for Open Shop Workers 
Turning Youth onto the Trades 
Drug Screening 
Federal Fair Wage Laws 
Canadians Views on Unions 
Union Violence  

Open Mind #5 (Spring 1997)
Trends in the Construction Industry 
Apprenticeship in Canada 
Workers Compensation: Understanding Your Rights 
Building with Multimedia Training 
Open Shop Organizations linked Across North America 
Labourers Occupation  

Open Mind #4 (Spring 1996)
Open Shop Across Canada 
The Decline of Building Trade Unions 
Construction Best Practices 
Saskatchewan NDP: Rewarding their Friends 
Steeling Back the Metal Building Industry 
Construction Workers in the 90s 
Wrongful Dismissal Building Trade Monopoly Ends in BC  

Open Mind #3 (Spring 1995)
Supervisor Training 
Revoking Union Bargaining Rights in 3 Western Provinces 
What Supervisors Say About Open Shop Construction 
What an Owner Wants from a Contractor 
Industrial Maintenance Separating Fact from Fiction 
Due Diligence Unions Legal Brutality is Destroying Lives  

Open Mind #2 (Spring 1994)
Grant MacEwan Community College 
Open Shop Construction: An Owners Perspective Partnering in Construction Alternative 
Unions Millar Western Pulp Ltd 
Certification in Western Canada 
The Looming Crisis for Workers Compensation 
Interactive Video: The 90s Training Alternative 
British Columbia's Fair Wage Policy  

Open Mind #1 (Spring 1993)
On Time and On Budget 
Its Not Easy Being Green 
Canada's Open Shop Movement 
Do Closed Sites Really Make Sense? 
Alberta Construction Safety Association